Highgate Woods Community Day: 6th September 2015

Claudia and other EFO artists run a children's pot-making activity. Kids will learn how to make pinch-pots or moulds made out of air-dry clay.

This event will help the Highgate Wood group with their Heritage Lottery application in order to get funding to bring back one of the Roman Kilns discovered there and to display it in a re-vamped information hut.

Once the kiln is in operation, they intend to provide workshops for children and adults to explore the Roman pottery and give people a chance to produce their own Highgate Wood Ware.

EFO potters have offered to help with these workshops once the kilns are installed in a year or so.

Over 70 children had the opportunity to play with clay at the Highgate Woods Community Day.

EAST FINCHLEY OPEN - Making Art Local – Quality original work.

Highgate Woods